HInspection is a Home Inspection Software written for use on 10″ Windows tablet.
HInspection  is easy to use and fully customizable

Who Uses This Software?   Home, Residential, Commercial Property and Building Inspectors

Product details:
  • freeware
Main Features:
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Audit Inspections
  • Photo editing
  • Repair estimates
  • Report Summary
  • Default values for
    • Equipment
    • Place
    • Unit



It is an all-in-one solution for creating quality inspection reports. A color code show the progress of the inspection process.

The user-interface coupled with a smooth interactivity offer you smart, fast and accurate results.

App is divided in 2 main parts: the back-office: Settings management and front-office: Inspection management.

Settings management

It allows you to fine tune your APP.

Companies,  Agencies, Residences, Buildings and Units. A unit has one building, a building has one residence, a residence has one agency and an agency has one company.

Unit type, Place Type and component type can be defined.

When creating a unit, selecting a unit type will set the default settings for this unit. this default settings can be modify manually.

Tag words can be defined within a context as a consequence report are very consistent.

Inspection management

Download the install file below, it is a compacted file. After the download, decompact the file to get the install file. Launch the executable file and follow the install process.

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